In case you haven’t already guessed, Starbucks has a new drink on the menu and this time it’s the Starbucks pistachio latte. It’s made with espresso, steamed milk, and pistachio syrup. And it is topped with whipped cream and crushed pistachios.

It is so delicious that you’ll feel like you’re drinking a dessert. The pistachio flavor is subtle but definitely there, and the whipped cream and nuts add a nice crunch.

What’s the Starbucks pistachio latte

Starbucks’ new drink, the Starbucks pistachio latte, features pistachio syrup and nuts on top. That provides a unique flavor that can’t be found in many Starbucks drinks. It’s a great choice for those looking for something different, and it’s also perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

Starbucks pistachio lattes are quickly becoming a fan favorite! If you haven’t had the chance to try one yet, you have to go and get one.

But, if you’re not in the mood to leave your house or just don’t want to spend the money, you can make a Starbucks pistachio latte at home. After all, it costs a whopping $4.25 at Starbucks, and you can make it for a fraction of that price.

Making the Starbucks pistachio latte at home

Making a Starbucks pistachio latte at home is easy. All you need is espresso, steamed milk, and pistachio syrup. You can find pistachio syrup at most grocery stores or online.


The recipe for the Starbucks pistachio latte is pretty simple. All you need is espresso, milk, and pistachio syrup. You can either make your own pistachio syrup or buy it pre-made.

1. Espresso

2. Milk

3. Pistachio syrup

4. Pistachio nuts

5. Whipped cream

Once you have all of the ingredients, follow the simple steps below.


The process is really simple and takes just a few minutes. Here’s what you need to

1. Brew your espresso

2. Heat some milk in a pot or microwave

3. Mix espresso and milk in a blender and blend until smooth

4. Add pistachio syrup to taste and blend again

5. Pour latte into a cup and top up with whipped cream and crushed pistachios


If you’re not sure how to make espresso, don’t worry. You can use a store-bought espresso roast or make your own. All you need is a coffee maker with an espresso setting. Or just make your favorite coffee a little stronger, with less water.

If you want to make your own pistachio syrup, it’s also easy. All you need is water, sugar, and pistachios.

To make the syrup, combine the water, sugar, and pistachios in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool.

You can store the syrup in a jar in the fridge and it will last for several weeks.

A refreshing twist

If you loved the pistachio latte but are looking for something fresh along the same lines, you can try a slight modification of the original recipe.


Surely you have heard of bulletproof coffee. Well, you can try to combine its beauty with the Starbucks pistachio latte by making yourself a Starbucks pistachio bulletproof coffee.

The idea is simple – do everything as stated above, but add 1-2 tablespoons of (grass-fed unsalted) butter or MCT oil. Then just blend all ingredients together until smooth and enjoy!

A caveat – be mindful of the calories if you are counting! 1 tablespoon of butter contains about 100 kcal, so if you are drinking more than one bulletproof Starbucks pistachio latte per day, it could add up pretty quickly.


Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen. It has a creamy, velvety texture and a slightly sweet flavor.

You can use nitro coffee to make a Starbucks pistachio latte by brewing your coffee using nitro cold brew coffee concentrate. Then you simply need to mix the coffee with milk in a blender and blend until smooth. Finally, add the whipped cream and pistachios on top.


If you want to enjoy the Starbucks pistachio latte on a hot day, you can easily turn it into an iced latte. Just follow the instructions above, but use cold milk and brew your espresso over ice.

We’ll tell you a secret. You can also turn your Starbucks pistachio latte into ice cream!

To do so, simply combine the Starbucks pistachio latte with heavy cream and powdered sugar in a blender and blend until smooth. Store in the freezer for as long as necessary and enjoy!

There are lots of other ways to customize your Starbucks pistachio latte, so feel free to experiment. The sky’s the limit!


Starbucks pistachio lattes are quickly becoming a fan favorite! Starbucks has introduced this drink to the masses and it’s now available in almost every Starbucks across the country. If you haven’t had one yet, I highly recommend trying one out as soon as possible.

But if you’re not into leaving your home or just don’t want to spend $4.25 on a drink that could be made at home for much less money, then try making Starbucks’ new latte recipe at home today! You can find all of these ingredients easily (and cheaply) at any grocery store or online retailer.

And with our easy-to-follow directions, anyone should have no problem recreating this delicious coffee treat from scratch.

So, if you’re looking for a new Starbucks drink to try, the pistachio latte is definitely worth checking out.

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